Here are a variety of examples of the kinds of bean pots I offer. They are great for cooking beans and other legumes, and making stews and soups. Please place an order with your desired size and choice of finish. Every vessel is marked differently during the wood firing. You can request red-gold with fire-clouds or starry solid black. I can also add horse-hair, which leaves little black lightning striations.  All pots are priced at $100/per quart with an additional $25 for those with lids. Each piece is carefully hand-built using the coil and scrape technique. Handles are available upon request for bean pots 3.5 quarts and smaller. These pots are made to order and most vessels will ship within six weeks.

Micaceous Clay Bean Pot

  • Each micaceous vessel is a unique handmade piece that will only improve with time if you treat them well. This clay is slightly porous and has memory for what it has held. Over time it will develop a beautiful patina and seasoning that adds depth to food and drink.


    Please hand-wash only, with mild soap or simply warm water and a scrub brush.


    Do not soak overnight or use as a place to store cooked food.


    Simmering a bit of water in your pot can help loosen any burnt bits, if you have a mishap.


    Always dry your mica vessels thoroughly. If you live in a damp climate, you may wish to dry them periodically on your oven’s lowest setting.


    Use wooden or non-metal utensils on micaceous clay to avoid scratches.



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