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Please write to me if you are interested in purchasing a custom vessel. I offer a variety of bean pots, casseroles, cups and other styles of cookware through my shop, but I’m open to working with you to design a special piece. All my pottery is hand-built using the coil and scape technique. My vessels are kiln fired and then finished in a pit firing. The carbon from the wood leaves unique black, silver and bronze markings called fire-clouds on each pot, so no two will ever look alike. I also do reduction firings which produce subtly varied black vessels. I charge based on the size of the vessel, as well as additions such as lids or handles. I add a 10% charge for custom orders built to your specifications. I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have about my work.

Custom Work: Text
pit fired mica pottery cooling on a rack
Custom Work: Image
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